Our firm is engaged in construction of tile stoves. It was founded in 1990 like a trade and still is. During this relative short time, our firm obtained a good name among competition. We cave about precision technical and design accuracy as well and that's why every order is original project. At the begining of our existence we were gathering from almost extinct stovers art. We intensify and complete these knowledges of new ones from workshops which are arranging by various foreign firms. Launching of new products and materials to the market enable us to develop our technologies constantly.

    What can we offer?

project (design) activities
constructions of kitchen stoves
constructions of room stoves
constructions of untypical stoves
reconstructions of tile stoves
systems of fireplaces
stoves with hot-waters exchargers including assembly of heater
securation of fireplaces refills from Czech republik and other countries as well

Where can You find us?

Mrštíkova 1041
Nové Město na Moravě 592 31
mobil: +420 723 301 656