In this space we attendance the list of tile producers with whom we cooperated. These firms offers technical advanced products and the quality of these products is certify in our constructions. We supply products in the prices of their producers.

name phone / fax linkadress
KAMÁŘSTVÍ CALOR 566 667 195 calor  Březí nad Oslavou
MK PROFI 380 728 751 www.mkprofi.com  Český Krumlov
K&K POKER s.r.o. 381 213 902 www.volny.cz/kachlova.kamna  Bechyně
KACHLOVÁ KAMNA 311 685 697    Chodouň
V. A U. KERAMIKA s.r.o.377 955 171-3   Horní Bříza